Management Services

Our Specialties

Standard services include accounting, budgeting, invoice approval, delinquency and compliance follow-up, property inspections, Board Meeting facilitation, maintenance project bidding, architectural/alteration request management, Owner correspondence control, and Owner and vendor relationship management.      

We also specialize in:  

•Cost control & containment  

•Rules development and enforcement  

•Governing document amendment  

•Crime Free property certification & lease administration 

•Community correspondence enhancement  

•Foreclosure Unit rental to recover delinquent assessments  

•Preventative maintenance program development  

•Energy consumption audits  

•Interior & exterior common area maintenance & improvement  

•Reserve fund planning and investment  

•Owner dispute resolution  

•Board dispute resolution  

•Capital improvement project loan financing applications 

•Insurance claim/repair management

Budget Services

Not every community needs full-management and professional management can be particularly expensive for small and other self-managed communities, so we have a la carte and "DIY" options to help:  

Accounting only - If you have a manager or community volunteers to handle most things, but still need assessments collected and bills paid, we can keep your finances organized.  

Administrative only - If you have your own accountant, but still need someone to take phone calls and send letters, we can coordinate your communications, so you can reclaim your day.  

A la carte - If you're completely self-sufficient, but need help with a big project, we can create a general specification, solicit, and review the proposals.  We can have a manager attend and facilitate your association meeting or help you prepare and execute.  Let us know what you need and we'll find a cost-effective solution to your problem.  It's what we do.  

DIY (Do It Yourself) - At the very least, you need the tools to be able to manage your association and we have them.  If you must do it yourself, we can provide access to our system and contacts, so you know you're never alone.

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