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We saw a problem with the traditional "management company" organization and the only way to fix the problem was to reinvent community management.  By leveraging the latest technological innovations and removing the "company" from the equation, we've created a new business arrangement that serves the clients and the managers.  Innovation leads to Improvement.   


Continuous improvement is a way of life: we are constantly looking for ways to be more efficient. In addition to software and technology solutions, we are always examining our business processes for ways to get more done in less time.  The less time the manager spends, the less money the client spends.


We aren't in the business for "our managers" versus "their managers" or "our communities" versus "other communities."  We can provide for any manager and any community that wishes to join us.  We have no specific territory, because managers and communities are everywhere; in every state, in every country.  We are wherever you are.

About Us

Our Philosophy

We believe we can provide better service to our community clients by focusing on their needs.  Our managers work for our clients, not our company. Our company supports our managers, while maintaining our clients' control over their information, so a change in managers doesn't change our clients' business.  That's our business.

Mission Statement

Independent Association managers, Inc. believes a community is best served by a manager who is responsible to the community, directly. And a manager is best served by the same.

Featured Managers

Christopher R. Berg, CMCA, AMS, PCAM   

Naperville, Illinois   

Ph: (630) 904-2200   

Fx: (630) 904-2211   


Eva Drabek, CMCA, AMS   

Bolingbrook, Illinois   

Ph: (630) 783-1541   

Fx:  (331) 318-8468   


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