IAM your Community Association Manager

IAM your Community Association Manager IAM your Community Association Manager IAM your Community Association Manager

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Who does your Manager work for?


Independent Managers work for YOU!

Independent Association Managers provides property management services to community associations (HOAs, condominiums and townhouses) and their managers, while centralizing the flow and storage of our clients' financial and business information. Clients are allowed to choose their manager, from our network or theirs, and change managers without the concerns related to repeatedly switching traditional management companies.


"We fixed the glitch."

Independent Association Managers was founded by community managers intent on a better business relationship, for us and for our clients.  Frustrated with the "management company" experience, we saw an opportunity for a better business model.

Board members know: effective community management comes from a strong, professional relationship between the community and manager.  The management company may handle the financial reporting and other support, but the manager is the community's leader...and customer service representative and emergency response contact, and dispute mediator, and project manager, and financial planner, and...well, everything else your community needs. Our system focuses your manager, so they can focus on you.


Focusing on Your Needs

Traditional management companies focus on their own needs, spreading licenses and personnel across as many clients as possible, to maximize their own bottom line.  Our system ensures a licensed, certified, and dedicated manager is focusing on your needs, which results in a better relationship, a better experience, and better bottom line for your community, first and foremost.  We all put our Eagle Eyes on your future and, together, we ensure that future is bright; for yourself, your neighbors, and the greater community around you.  Let's share the vision: Contact us, below!

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